Defending the Caveman

Defending the Caveman holds the record as the longest running solo play in Broadway history.
Caveman is also now a worldwide rock-solid tour de force that has won the hearts of millions
in over 30 countries, and it’s sure to win yours.  
The “outrageously funny and surprisingly sweet exploration of the gender gap” (Chicago Sun Times)
has made Defending the Caveman “a comic phenomenon.” (New York Times)

A hilariously insightful play about the ways men and women relate, Caveman has both sexes
roaring with laughter and recognition. 
Affectionate nudging between audience members occurs during the performance as they
recognize themselves in the stories being told on stage. 

Caveman makes us laugh at ourselves about all the ways men and women fight, laugh and love.
Couples all across America are in love with Defending the Caveman.

Walking with the real Cavemen

Just a few million years previously, Africa was covered, almost edge-to-edge, with dense rain forest.
Our ancestors almost certainly used all four limbs to move and live and hunt in their tree-top homes.
But massive geological turmoil changed their destiny.
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Cavemen - Our first ancestors

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The Modern Caveman
Living in Caves, with style...

Today's Cavemen do not live in Caves anymore...
They make
holidays in Caves!

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The Cave Hotel in Cappadocia

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Photo: For your special Holidays in Caves - Asmali Cave House, Boutique and Cave Hotel in Cappadocia, the insider tip for the Caveman's holidays in Turkey