Subterranean Settlements of Cappadocia
The Underground Cities

Hundreds of rooms in the underground cities were connected to each other with long passages and labyrinth-like tunnels. The corridors were made long, low and narrow, to restrict the movements of enemies. Small indentions were hollowed out on the wall surfaces of these corridors, in which to put candles and oil lamps filled with gold-colored linseed oil. It is assumed that linseed oil was made outside and then taken to the underground settlements. The linseed oil lamps were used not only to lit the places but also to heat them. There are millstones for defence purposes between the floors to separate the various areas. The millstones, which can be opened only from the inside, are 1-1,5 m in height, 30-50 cm in width and 200-500 kg in weight... Photo: Underground City Kaymakli in Cappadocia, Turkey

These kind of explanations from the Guide-Books seem to be enough to attract thousands and thousands of visitors every year to see the Underground Cities of Derinkuyu or Kaymakli.
Each single Underground City is worth seeing and the impressions from deep down is special and unforgetable.

Soon after entering the first cave-dwellings it becomes obvious, how arduous life must have been down there, and allthough nowadays there is electricity and light, some dark corners of an underground city can be scary.

One might not be able to belive, but there are still places underground in Cappadocia, where brave travellers in particular do find a special adventure in complete darkness.

Mazata - The Underground City for Adventurer only

Photo: Maziköy in Cappadocia, TurkeyThe dusty road with potholes everywhere is flanked by shabby small houses. It is the villages main street, busy with tractors.  

The typical Turkish Teagarden of Maziköy cannot be missed. This is the only place for the villagers gather, drinking the strong Turkish Tea or Coffee.

Not often, but once in a while a car is entering the village and Tourists carefully look around to find, what they were told about - the secret of Mazata Underground City.

Different to the other Underground Cities of Cappadocia, the tunnels do not lead downwards, but high up behind the steep walls, surrounding the village on both sides. 
A couple of years ago some works to make Mazata being a Tourist-Magnet was started, but obviously not finished. What is left are some cables, not being connected to electricity.
Sand is drizzling from the ceilings, no noise, no light; only the smell of dust and dirt and with each step into the darkness, the silence becomes "louder".

Allthough being a very special highlight, a visit of Mazata Underground City needs to be carefully considered. People suffering of claustrophobia, fear of darkness or hight, should keep in mind, that the tunnels are tight, that there is no light and some passages are very steep.

Photo: Information Underground City Mazata in Cappadocia, Turkey


Once bound and determined to enter the Underground City of Mazata, a sign shows the way to the entrance. Where this shield came from is dubious, but serves its perpous here as well. The curious visitor only needs to wait some moments, soon somebody from the village will inform Ihsan Bey about the arrival.

Ihsan Bey was born in Maziköy and is one of those Cappadocians being aware of the outstandig treasures of Cappadocia, following one idea only; to bring those to the peoples knowledge. 

Photo: Ihsan Bey from Maziköy in Cappadocia, TurkeyBeing asked, how dangerous a walk in the labyrinth is, he would always answer: "Until now, everybody reached the exit." 

Still, everybody has sole responsibility, is one's own authority.Photo: Underground surprises, Mazata Underground City in Cappadocia, Turkey

"One cannot recommend a visit to Mazata; but one has the obligation to make everybody visiting Cappadocia being aware of the excistence of Mazata!
I will be back there as well one day; once is not enough!" Evelyn Kopp

"Breathtaking, beautiful but scary likewise.
Makes speachless!"
Uschi Iseler, Stuttgart

"Far out, cool and freaky"
Sandro, 9 Jahre


If you would like to visit Ihsan Beys Website don't listen to the sound of the Gaslight. Just imagine, you would be there...


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