From an article of Turkish Daily News
Statement from Nevsehir Museum:

Statement from Nevsehir Museum:

265 state and private TV stations from 45 countries have filmed either documentaries or movies in Cappadocia in the last 15 years. The statement said Turkey's national broadcaster, Turkish Radio and Television (TRT), ranked first in shooting TV programs among other international and national channels between 1991 and 2005.  
Japan's state and private stations, with a total of 52 documentaries and TV movies, followed TRT, which has commissioned 56 documentaries as well as TV movies in the last 15 years. A total of 49 private local, regional and national TV channels have also shot introductory documentaries and TV series in the region. 

Meanwhile, other countries that have used the area as a location for their productions include France with 34 films; Germany with 23; the United States with 21; England with 20; Italy with 18; South Korea with 12; and Spain with 11. 
Among other countries that have filmed in the region are Russia, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, Greece, Thailand, Israel, New Zealand, China, Singapore, Switzerland, Canada, Georgia, Denmark, Australia, India, Mongolia, Hungary, Estonia, Malaysia, the Czech Republic, the Philippines, Argentina, Lebanon, Iran and Poland.